Dr Parry brings to life one of the most turbulent times in British history. He first sketches out the relevant aspects of the shaky relationship between Wales and its Anglo-Norman neighbour. He then sets out the known facts of Owain Glyn Dwr’s ancestry, heritage and early life, before describing in detail how Glyn Dwr, taking advantage of turmoil in England, brought almost the whole of Wales under his sway. The end and the aftermath of the revolt, and the demise of Glyn Dwr and his family are then addressed; as are the effects on the revolt of international events, such as the Anglo-French war, the agitations of Scotland, and one of the greatest schisms in the Church.
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Coloured maps and illustrations aid the understanding of the general reader; whilst the scholar is provided with copious footnotes that outline incidental facts and give references for authorities. Moreover, ten appendices elucidate related themes such as the arms and armour used in the revolt, the money and coinage in use, the role of Welsh soldiers in the French wars, and the strategies of siege warfare. A detailed glossary of terms relevant to the study of the revolt and the comprehensive index will help both amateur and professional historians to appreciate more fully one of the most enigmatic characters in history and the torrid times in which he lived, fought and died.
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