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This page contains a few more links to web pages that are relevant to the study of Owain Glyn Dwr's life and times for the general reader. More links can be found on our Facebook page (click the Facebook button on the right).

If you would like to suggest a website or page that might be of interest please use the 'Suggest a Website' button on the right.
Letters Illustrative of English History
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Welsh Sketches - Ernest Appleyard
Owain Glyndwr - T F Tout
A Mirror for Magistrates
Historical and Traditional Notices of Glyn Dwr
Marwnad Gwenllian ferch Owain Glyn Dwr
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry
County of Flint and the Rebellion of Owain Glyn Dwr
Medieval Denbighshire - Owain Glyn Dwr
English text of the Martyrdom of Richard Scrope
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Owain Glyn Dwr - Calendar of Events